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Sean M. Lyden

Sean M. Lyden

Sean M. Lyden is the editor of Utility Fleet Professional magazine.


The Long and Winding – Yet ‘Inevitable’ – Road to Electrification

| Sean M. Lyden |
The road to electrification for the heavy-duty truck industry will be long and challenging but ultimately inevitable, Navistar CEO Mathias Carlbaum told a group of 175 utility fleet professionals in June. Speaking at the 71st Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia, Carlbaum outlined a vision for the next decade and beyond, highlighting key […]
CAT 973 Track Loader

What’s New in Utility Construction Equipment in 2024?

| Sean M. Lyden |
New utility construction equipment hitting the market in 2024 aims to boost productivity, fuel efficiency and operator comfort for crews working on projects ranging from laying pipelines to installing cables. Major manufacturers including Vermeer, Caterpillar, Volvo CE, CASE and John Deere are rolling out upgraded models with enhanced technology, improved hydraulics and redesigned cabs. So, […]

If You Missed the 71st EUFMC, Here Are the Highlights

The Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference saw record-breaking attendance at its 2024 event held June 2-5 in Williamsburg, Virginia. Over 500 industry professionals gathered for the annual event. A total of 175 fleet representatives attended, including over 50 new members and eight new companies. They were joined by more than 360 attendees from nearly 100 […]
WTW24 GTS Jon D & Mary A

6 Takeaways from the 2024 Green Truck Summit

| Sean M. Lyden |
Over 800 fleet professionals and industry representatives attended the daylong Green Truck Summit – part of NTEA’s Work Truck Week in Indianapolis – on March 5 to assess the current landscape and path forward for electrification. So, what is the outlook for electric trucks? In a nutshell, truck manufacturers are still investing heavily in new […]

What’s New in All-Terrain Utility Vehicles in 2024?

| Sean M. Lyden |
All-terrain utility vehicles (ATUVs) allow utility crews to go where four-wheel-drive pickups and other conventional vehicles cannot. These machines come in various models; some can transport people and heavy equipment over rugged, hilly terrain, while others have amphibious capabilities for crossing deep water. So, what’s the latest in the ATUV market to enhance the safety […]

When Fleet Management Becomes Change Management

Whether electrifying your fleet, rolling out new software or restructuring your department, you’ll encounter resistance from within and outside your team. So, how do you win over those people to make the transition as smooth as possible? Put these six change management principles into practice. 1. Clearly communicate the vision, rationale and benefits of the […]

Fleet Electrification Plans Face Reality Check Amid EV Slowdown

| Sean M. Lyden |
Last year’s NTEA Work Truck Week was a parade of new electric vehicle launches. But if recent news is a sign, the bullishness toward EVs might be more subdued at this year’s show in Indianapolis in March. The Sudden Downshift Until a couple of months ago, the EV market looked unstoppable. EV sales reached their […]
Terex Pro Controls

What’s New in Truck and Van Upfits for 2024?

| Sean M. Lyden |
The industry’s truck and van equipment manufacturers are developing new products that equip your crews to get more work done with less strain and greater safety. They’re incorporating more lightweight materials in their product designs so that you can reduce fuel costs, increase battery range or boost payload capacity. And they’re offering more electrified options […]

The Fleet Leader’s Guide to Effective Communication: Inspired by ‘Made to Stick’

| Sean M. Lyden |
Do you struggle with getting your team to understand, remember and act correctly on your instructions? How can you consistently communicate in a simple, straightforward and memorable way? How can you expand your influence with your boss and direct reports? If any of these questions relate to you, read “Made to Stick” by Chip and […]

Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Are Your Electrification Targets Realistic?

The latest headlines signal that the electric vehicle market is tapping the brakes, with the road ahead becoming increasingly uncertain. How will this trend impact your company’s ability to hit its zero-emission targets? The odds are strong that you will need to convince senior management to adjust their timeline and expectations. But how do you […]