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What’s New in Truck and Van Upfits for 2024?

The industry’s truck and van equipment manufacturers are developing new products that equip your crews to get more work done with less strain and greater safety. They’re incorporating more lightweight materials in their product designs so that you can reduce fuel costs, increase battery range or boost payload capacity. And they’re offering more electrified options so that you can cut engine idle – and your fleet’s carbon footprint.

What are some new products and design enhancements they’ve brought to market to help you achieve your fleet objectives? Here are seven new developments to watch.

What’s New: FLEX PRO Digger Derrick Control System
Why It Matters: Crews can configure digger derrick controls to suit their needs.

Terex Utilities has introduced FLEX PRO, an optional control system that supports flexibility in configuring digger derrick controls on both the Commander and General series digger derricks.

FLEX PRO can be configured to communicate with the control stations according to the utility line crew’s needs. It supports below-rotation controls like a corner-mount swing-away operator console, plug-and-play radio controls and dual command post joystick controls.

Advanced capabilities – including electrical diagnostic troubleshooting, hydraulic overload alerts and temperature warnings – provide crews with greater insight into equipment status and safety.

FLEX PRO is now available for the Commander C4000, C5000 and C6000 series and the General 65 and 80 models.

Terex Pro Controls
Image courtesy of Terex

What’s New: JEMS BG (Body/Generator)
Why It Matters: Fleets can cut job-site emissions with integrated battery power to run accessories and auxiliary equipment.

Altec’s new JEMS BG system integrates lithium-ion batteries with the vehicle’s onboard generator to power accessories, ventilation systems and tools using stored battery power instead of running the diesel generator continuously on-site.

The plug-in system uses advanced battery-warming technology to maintain performance in harsh climates. It can charge with Level 1 and Level 2 EV plugs. And it automatically switches between battery and generator as needed to recharge batteries.

A central display lets workers monitor battery levels. At the same time, the JEMS Connect telematics dashboard offers fleet managers insights on utilization, savings from reduced idling and maintenance, and opportunities for further optimization.

Image courtesy of Altec

Ranger Design
What’s New: Composite Aluminum Shelving
Why It Matters: Lighter-weight shelves reduce strain on EV batteries, enabling better range for all-electric vans.

Ranger Design has released its new Composite Aluminum Shelving. The shelves are made with resilient anti-ballistic composite polymers and aluminum extrusions, making them 33% lighter than their steel counterparts. The reduced weight helps extend the battery range for electric vans.

The adjustable shelving has scratch-resistant end panels that improve aesthetics and simplify maintenance. The integrated honeycomb structure also dampens sound and protects against job-site chemicals.

With 14 possible configurations across varying widths and heights, the Composite Aluminum Shelving system increases storage flexibility for various applications among utility crews.

Van Cas 2
Image courtesy of Ranger Design

Stellar Industries
What’s New: Bale-Style Pull-Handle Toolbox
Why It Matters: Crews can open drawers more easily and with less strain throughout the day.

Stellar Industries has introduced a new bale-style pull-handle toolbox system. “Bale-style” refers to the curved U-shape of the handle instead of the traditional T-shaped handle design. The new handle allows users to open latches from the top or bottom with an easy, ergonomic motion to reduce operator strain and fatigue.

Fleets can easily upgrade their existing T-handle models since the new bale-style system uses 90% of the same parts. All that’s required is swapping out the T-handle drawer-front assembly for the new pull-handle front.

The all-metal latches and handles are designed to withstand heavy daily use and come with Stellar’s lifetime warranty.

Image courtesy of Stellar Industries

What’s New: Underdeck All-In-One System
Why It Matters: Combining six essential power functions into one unit eliminates the need for multiple separate machines at the job site.

Vanair’s PTO shaft-driven underdeck All-In-One power system combines six essential power functions into a single compact unit that frees cargo space.

The system includes a 125- to 185-CFM rotary screw air compressor; a 10-kW generator; a 330A welder; versatile battery boosting and charging options; and hydraulic power up to 30 GPM at 2,000 psi.

The FailSafe Dual Sensor Redundancy System provides uninterrupted power in case of sensor failures. For harsh weather conditions, the optional ThermalGuard Weather Protection Kit preheats the compressor oil and regulators using the vehicle’s engine coolant, preventing oil starvation and freeze-ups.

Image courtesy of Vanair
Cabinet Closeup
Image courtesy of Vanair


Stellar Industries
What’s New: LM220M Poly Lube Skid for Mechanic Trucks
Why It Matters: The all-polyethylene construction prevents lubricant contamination, protecting equipment from premature wear and tear.

Stellar Industries has released a new LM220M Poly Lube Skid to improve contamination control and efficiency for service trucks.

The skid’s all-polyethylene construction prevents lubricant contamination, reducing equipment wear and tear. With fewer potential leak points than traditional metal designs, it also decreases spill risks and fluid loss. Easy access for maintenance helps minimize downtime.

Unlike previous models, the LM220M can be crane-lifted when full, simplifying transport logistics. It can hold various fluid types, including oil, antifreeze and diesel exhaust fluid.

Stellar VP Tim Davison said the skid meets the growing demand for reliability and safety from technicians who service trucks, cranes and other mobile equipment. By enabling on-site lubrication, it is a flexible, cost-effective alternative to dedicated lube trucks.

Image courtesy of Stellar Industries

What’s New: OnGuardMAX and OnSideALERT Now Available on Nikola’s Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Class-8 Truck
Why It Matters: This partnership represents ZF’s first move into providing advanced safety technologies for zero-emission heavy-duty trucks.

Nikola Corp. has announced the integration of ZF’s OnGuardMAX and OnSideALERT safety technologies into its new zero-emission hydrogen fuel-cell electric truck, now in production.

OnGuardMAX is an automatic emergency braking system for commercial vehicles. The system’s integrated high-tech cameras and radars automatically detect, classify and respond to obstacles such as pedestrians, other vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles. The system alerts the driver to potential dangers and, if necessary, can autonomously slow down or even stop the vehicle, reducing the risk of collisions, particularly those involving pedestrians.

ZF’s OnSideALERT is a radar-based blind-spot detection technology that continuously monitors the vehicle’s blind spots for stationary and moving objects, which is crucial in preventing or mitigating side collisions.

Image courtesy of ZF OnGuard Max
Image courtesy of ZF OnGuard Max
Image courtesy of ZF OnGuard Max


Sean M. Lyden

Sean M. Lyden is the editor of Utility Fleet Professional magazine.