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When Fleet Management Becomes Change Management

Whether electrifying your fleet, rolling out new software or restructuring your department, you’ll encounter resistance from within and outside your team. So, how do you win over those people to make the transition as smooth as possible?

Put these six change management principles into practice.

1. Clearly communicate the vision, rationale and benefits of the proposed changes. What’s your plan for communicating the change effectively to each stakeholder group? What communication channels and platforms will you use? How often will you provide updates and progress reports?

2. Involve key stakeholders, such as drivers and maintenance staff. Who are the key stakeholders impacted by this change? How will you gather feedback and input from them? How can you involve these stakeholders in the decision-making and implementation processes?

3. Assess the organization’s readiness for change. This includes evaluating the existing culture, identifying potential barriers or resistance, and proactively developing strategies to address them. What are your criteria for assessing the readiness of your employees, processes and systems for change?

4. Provide comprehensive training and support. How will you identify and address training needs for different employee groups? What training delivery methods will be most effective (e.g., classroom, online, on-the-job)? What support mechanisms (e.g., help desks, mentoring) will you provide during and after the change?

5. Plan for managing resistance. Despite your best efforts, some resistance to change is inevitable. How can you uncover and address resistance early on – before it escalates? What strategies will you use to manage resistance (e.g., active listening, addressing concerns)?

6. Monitor progress and adapt as needed. This includes gathering feedback, measuring key performance indicators (KPIs), and making necessary adjustments to ensure that the desired outcomes are achieved and sustained over time. What KPIs will define success? How will you gather feedback and insights from stakeholders throughout the process? How will you incorporate lessons learned and best practices for future change initiatives? What will be the process for making adjustments and course corrections as needed?

Whenever launching a new fleet initiative, practice these six change management principles to improve your odds of success.


Sean M. Lyden

Sean M. Lyden is the editor of Utility Fleet Professional magazine.