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EUFMC Celebrates 70 Years: Embracing Change and Shaping the Future of Fleet

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference, which will feature a powerful lineup of events and speakers in Williamsburg, Virginia, from June 4-7. Since its inception in 1953, the conference has continuously evolved to address the most pressing challenges for utility fleet professionals.

And that’s what makes the networking and education at EUFMC especially important today as the industry undergoes a tectonic shift to all-electric transportation.

The 2023 educational program – Driving Safety, Sustainability & Technical Expertise – will feature presentations by industry experts and fleet professionals that cover crucial topics such as transitioning to EVs, strengthening fleet safety and navigating workforce challenges.

This year’s keynote speaker, Brian L. Wolff, chief strategy officer and executive vice president of public policy and external affairs at Edison Electric Institute, will discuss the importance of staying informed about emerging trends and technologies. EUFMC 2023 will also introduce the first Women in Utility Fleet gathering June 6, providing a valuable networking opportunity for female fleet professionals, with opening remarks by Julie Gomez, EUFMC director and T&D Supervisor II of Fleet Services at Tucson Electric Power. You can read more about Gomez on page 40 of this issue.

Since becoming the editor of UFP in 2015, I’ve had the privilege of attending EUFMC almost every year. It has become my go-to conference for staying up to date with industry trends and connecting with many of you.

Congratulations to Ann Brown-Hailey, the board and everyone involved in organizing this fantastic conference on its 70th anniversary. Thank you for preserving and building upon the extraordinary legacy that began in 1953 as the Public Utility Fleet Managers Conference at the Tides Inn in Irvington, Virginia.


Sean M. Lyden

Sean M. Lyden is the editor of Utility Fleet Professional magazine.