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What’s New in All-Terrain Utility Vehicles in 2024?

All-terrain utility vehicles (ATUVs) allow utility crews to go where four-wheel-drive pickups and other conventional vehicles cannot. These machines come in various models; some can transport people and heavy equipment over rugged, hilly terrain, while others have amphibious capabilities for crossing deep water.

So, what’s the latest in the ATUV market to enhance the safety and productivity of your crews across different terrains? Here are six developments to watch.

Terex Utilities
What’s New: TL45 tracked carrier for restricted-access job sites

A new aerial lift from Terex Utilities and S.D.P. Manufacturing Inc. gives utility crews an insulated option for working in tight spaces and environmentally sensitive areas like residential backyards.

The companies have partnered to mount Terex’s TL45 telescopic aerial lift onto S.D.P.’s rubber-tracked undercarriage. The tracked carrier can hydraulically extend from 31.1 inches to 55 inches wide, allowing it to access alleys and sidewalks while minimizing ground disturbance on sensitive terrain.

The machine offers a 47-foot working height and a 900-pound-capacity jib. Other features include full continuous rotation, unlimited work zone, and corded remote drive and outrigger controls.

Units are available through Terex Utilities service centers across the eastern and midwestern United States.

Terex Utilities - TL45SD
Image Courtesy of Terex Utilities

What’s New: All-electric Pro XD Kinetic utility vehicle

Polaris Commercial, a division of Polaris Inc., has introduced the new Polaris Pro XD Kinetic, a full-size, battery-powered utility vehicle.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the Pro XD Kinetic can travel up to 45 miles on a single charge. It can also tow up to 2,500 pounds and haul 1,250 pounds in its cargo bed, matching the capabilities of Polaris’ gas and diesel Pro XD models.

Its electric drivetrain requires minimal maintenance, with no oil changes, filters or spark plugs needed. Polaris estimates the Pro XD Kinetic costs 60% less to maintain than a comparable gas-powered vehicle.

Safety features include adjustable top speeds between 5 and 40 mph, backup alarms, a horn, orange seat belts, decals and optional lighting accessories for improved visibility.

The Pro XD Kinetic can charge with standard 110V outlets or portable generators and is compatible with 220V for fast-charging options. The vehicle’s battery has a five-year warranty.

Image Courtesy of Polaris
Image Courtesy of Polaris

What’s New: RT7U with an 80-foot aerial

Terramac will showcase its new RT7U aerial lift unit in June at the Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia.

The machine’s integrated aerial lift from Versalift, the VST-7500, offers a working height of 80 feet and a horizontal reach of 47 feet. It has a maximum carrying capacity of 16,576 pounds yet maintains a low ground pressure of 5.8 psi when fully loaded. Powered by a 155-horsepower Cummins diesel engine and a two-speed hydrostatic transmission, the vehicle can navigate steep grades up to 58%.

Image Courtesy of Terramac

UTV International
What’s New: Battery-powered boom for the Achiever RT-02 DD

UTV International is developing an electric articulating aerial boom for its Achiever RT-02 DD tracked digger derrick with a fold-out bucket.

According to the company, the electric boom will offer the same performance and durability as its conventional models but with quieter operation and zero direct emissions. A hybrid option will allow the boom to recharge from the vehicle’s engine when needed.

UTV International expects the battery runtime to range from four to six hours. While targeting a release in this year’s third or fourth quarter, the company hasn’t provided a firm delivery date.

UTV International
Image Courtesy of UTV International

Zeal Motor
What’s New: Production of five new FAT TRUCK models

The new FAT TRUCK models from Zeal Motor Inc. serve various applications, payloads and crew sizes. The largest 8×8 versions can transport up to 5,000 pounds of equipment, accommodate crews of up to 16 people and climb grades up to 75%.

While moving up to 25 mph on land, the new FAT TRUCK models can also navigate water at speeds around 3 mph.

The smaller 2.4 Pickup model hauls up to 2,000 pounds and seats four. The 2.8 Wagon and Pickup models improve on previous versions with 11% more power and over 40 enhancements of earlier models, like impact-resistant windshields and quieter cabs.

FAT TRUCK 2.8 Pickup 1
Image Courtesy of Zeal Motor
FAT TRUCK 2.8 Pickup 2
Image Courtesy of Zeal Motor
Image Courtesy of Zeal Motor
Image Courtesy of Zeal Motor

What’s New: Sasquatch XTX amphibious vehicle

ARGO has launched the Sasquatch XTX, a four-passenger crew-cab model designed to navigate the most challenging off-road environments.

The Sasquatch XTX features a quiet, ergonomic cab with panoramic viewing, climate control, and a 12-inch touchscreen display providing real-time vehicle data and navigation. Its unique automatic e-Steer transmission allows true zero-turn capability even in rough conditions.

Its oversized 71-inch tires have a specialized tread pattern for land traction and water propulsion. An adjustable air inflation system optimizes tire pressure for the terrain.

The XTX also provides 57 cubic feet of locked storage for hauling gear and equipment.

Image Courtesy of ARGO XTV
ARGO Sasquatch
Image Courtesy of ARGO XTV
ARGO Sasquatch
Image Courtesy of ARGO XTV


Sean M. Lyden

Sean M. Lyden is the editor of Utility Fleet Professional magazine.