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What’s New in All-Terrain Utility Vehicles

All-terrain utility vehicles (ATUVs) enable utility crews to get work done in hard-to-reach areas where four-wheel-drive pickups and other vehicles cannot go. Some ATUV models haul people and heavy equipment across rugged and hilly terrain, while others offer amphibious capabilities to cross deep waters in flooded lowlands.

So, what’s new in the ATUV market to move your crews and equipment across any terrain, at any time, with maximum safety and productivity? Here are six developments to watch.

What’s New: 9-series rubber track carriers

PowerBully will introduce its new 9-series rubber track carriers to the North American market in March at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas. The 9-series includes two models: the 9C chassis for utility aerials and digger derricks (for distribution applications) and the 9D with a dump body.

Both the C and D models can haul up to 18,000 pounds on rough and steep terrain, with gradeability of up to 60% and a maximum travel speed of about 9 mph. Each model also offers telematics with remote diagnostics. That way, if the machine issues a trouble code in the field, PowerBully can assess the issue remotely and walk the operator through the next steps for getting it repaired as quickly as possible.

What’s New: Centaur XT amphibious vehicle

ARGO’s new Centaur XT navigates open water and harsh terrain with configurations for carrying four, six or eight people.

Powered by a Doosan D18 diesel engine, the Centaur XT uses a hydraulic skid-steering system for maneuvering around – and over – huge boulders, steep ridges, fallen trees and deep ravines. The 71-inch tubeless ultra-low-pressure tires are self-inflating and adjustable for optimal traction in snow, water, sand and mud, and on hard surfaces.

What’s New: Updated Pro XD lineup

Polaris Commercial, a division of Polaris Inc., has introduced its latest Pro XD lineup with new features to improve vehicle uptime, durability and safety.

The Pro XD Mid-Size model is available in two- to four-person configurations with a gas motor, 1,000-pound payload capacity, 500-pound box capacity and an adjustable top speed up to 40 mph.

The Full-Size model also offers two- to four-person configurations but with a choice of a gas or diesel motor. The total payload capacity is 1,900 pounds with the ability to haul up to 1,250 pounds in the box. The Full-Size model’s top speed is adjustable up to 40 mph for the gas model and 26 mph for the diesel.

Both models offer the optional new extended-life brake pads that can last up to two times longer than the standard pads. Dash-mounted USB ports are now standard on all Pro XD models for charging mobile devices on the job site. And a new battery-charging port makes it easier to plug in a trickle charger to keep the vehicle’s starting battery charged when sitting idle for a significant period or season.

What’s New: 9090-RR telehandler rubber track conversion system

The new Mattracks 9090-RR telehandler rubber track conversion system improves a vehicle’s stability and traction when hauling heavy equipment, such as aerial equipment, on harsh terrain. Each track corner offers over 1,500 square inches of ground contact and is rated to handle 12,500-pound static loads. The recommended maximum speed for the 9090-RR is 15 mph.

What’s New: RT7U compact utility crawler carrier with a Versalift VST-7500 aerial lift

The all-new Terramac RT7U with the Versalift VST-7500 aerial lift offers a working height of 80 feet and 47 feet of horizontal reach. The RT7U compact carrier’s thick steel frame supports many large attachments. And the compact size means the machine doesn’t require a special transport permit for height or width when hauling it to a job site.

UTV International
What’s New: Kodiak K6 crawler carrier

UTV International has unveiled its new Kodiak K6 crawler carrier powered by a Tier 4-compliant 134-horsepower turbocharged diesel engine.

“The most important part of the overhaul was making sure operators could get more track on the ground, regardless of terrain,” said Erik Paldy, technical sales engineer at UTV International. “It features steel bogey wheels with twin rocker arms, something not seen on similar tracked vehicles. This setup makes for a suspension with much better ground contact because the track can better contour to its terrain, thus lowering ground pressure and increasing accessibility to work sites.”

The Kodiak K6 is available with optional hot and cold weather packages; a backup camera; a two-way front plow; electric or hydraulic winches; an open or closed cab; and one- and two-person configurations.


Sean M. Lyden

Sean M. Lyden is the editor of Utility Fleet Professional magazine.