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Fleet Profiles Archive

Women in Utility Fleet: Lissa Brady

| Sean M. Lyden |
Lissa Brady arrived at the University of Washington as an English major and graduated with an international studies degree. She served in various sales roles for nearly 25 years with GE Capital (now Element Financial Corp.), PACCAR Financial and Terex Utilities, earning her MBA along the way. Sales is definitely not the traditional road to […]

Using Supporting Materials with Stabilizers and Outriggers

| Kris Koberg |
When utility workers are tasked with setting up equipment, oftentimes it’s along roadsides with slopes, ditches or unstable surfaces. Unfortunately, equipment tip-overs continue to be one of the most common job site accidents, but they are generally preventable with proper planning, training and the use of outrigger pads, cribbing or blocking. Knowing when and how […]
TEP's Julie Gomez

Women in Utility Fleet: Julie Gomez

| Sean M. Lyden |
In the past, a passion for cars and mechanical expertise marked the starting point for a career in fleet management. Today, there are many roads to fleet success. Take Julie Gomez as an example. Her journey began in 2003 with a customer service role at Tucson Electric Power (TEP). Within a year, she transitioned to […]

6 Lessons Learned (So Far) on the Fast Track to an All-Electric Fleet

| Sean M. Lyden |
Ready or not, EVs are coming to your fleet. Governments have mandated it. Automakers have committed to it. And recent federal legislation has earmarked billions of dollars for it. But the colossal changes in vehicle design and “fueling” infrastructure will undoubtedly create numerous potholes on the road to electrification. Will there be enough models available […]

Con Edison: Fleet Safety Performance is a Collaborative Effort

| Sean M. Lyden |
A “close call” in late 2020 set things in motion to address a slip-and-fall hazard shortly after New York City’s energy provider, Con Edison, replaced 10 steel trailers with aluminum trailers. “An employee was trying to secure a load on a very windy day. But the aluminum surface was wet and slick,” Richard Stewart, ConEd’s […]

Could Vehicle-to-Grid Technology Help Smooth the Transition to All-Electric?

| Sean M. Lyden |
All major automakers have gone all-in on an all-electric future. But can the U.S.’s aging grid handle the upcoming surge in demand for charging? And what about resiliency during power outages when you have less access to fossil-fueled generators? Industry experts point to vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology as a potential solution to help address these concerns […]

The First All-Electric Bucket Truck Hits the Road

| Sean M. Lyden |
Terex Utilities’ Joe Caywood digs into the details behind the company’s groundbreaking announcement. In June, Terex Utilities introduced the first ever all-electric bucket truck at the Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia. The truck combines Navistar’s International eMV electric chassis (33,000-pound GVWR) with the Terex Optima 55-foot aerial device and the HyPower SmartPTO […]

All-Electric Medium-Duty Trucks Coming to SMUD this Summer

| Sean M. Lyden |
The new Class 5 trucks nudge the utility closer to its goal of zero carbon emissions by 2030. Sacramento Municipal Utility District expects to take delivery of five new all-electric medium-duty trucks this summer that will offer an estimated range of 100 to 150 miles. The vehicles will be built on the Z-19 model – […]

The State of the All-Electric Pickup Race

| Sean M. Lyden |
The state of the all-electric pickup race has changed considerably in just one year. Last January, the Ohio-based startup Lordstown Motors was poised to take the inside lane to produce the first-ever all-electric pickup with its Endurance truck. But then allegations of fraud in the spring and a subsequent Department of Justice investigation hammered the […]

An Electric Pickup to Watch: The 2022 Rivian R1T

| Sean M. Lyden |
In recent months, Ford and GM have unveiled their concept models with plans to build an all-electric full-size pickup truck beginning next year. But there’s one OEM with actual electric truck production models on the roads right now. It’s Rivian (, an Irvine, California-based startup that raised $10.5 billion and recently filed to go public. […]

Planning Your Fleet’s Transition to EVs

| Sean M. Lyden |
All major automakers have recently announced their commitments to selling only electric-drive vehicles by 2035. And that shift will bring new opportunities and challenges for utility fleets. It will force you to change how you spec vehicles, manage “fueling” infrastructure, train your technicians and support crews in storm response situations. So, where do you start? […]

An Electric Pickup to Watch: The Ford F-150 Lightning

| Sean M. Lyden |
In May, Ford unveiled its all-electric F-150 Lightning pickup, joining GM, Tesla, Rivian and others racing to bring an affordable and practical battery-powered truck to the mainstream market. The truck is expected to arrive in spring 2022 with four models and two battery options. Within three weeks of Ford’s announcement, the F-150 Lightning had surpassed […]

New Best Practices for Post-Pandemic Fleet Operations

| Sean M. Lyden |
In March 2020, longtime fleet professional and UFP editorial advisory board member Matt Gilliland was tasked to lead Nebraska Public Power District’s (NPPD) Infectious Disease Prevention and Control response team. Gilliland’s team helped develop new COVID-19 policies and practices for the entire organization to reduce the risk and spread of infections and minimize operational disruptions […]

An Electric Pickup to Watch: The Lordstown Endurance

| Sean M. Lyden |
A major bottleneck to large-scale fleet electrification is the electric pickup truck – because you can’t buy one right now. That’s about to change. Brands like Tesla Cybertruck, GMC Hummer, Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 are expected to launch a full-size all-electric pickup starting this fall to mid-2022. But these models, at least initially, are […]

CenterPoint Energy to Electrify 100% of Light-Duty Fleet by 2030

| Sean M. Lyden |
In late September, CenterPoint Energy announced that, by the end of this decade, the company will replace 100% of its light-duty fleet – currently 134 cars, vans and SUVs – with plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles at CenterPoint’s electric operations facilities in Evansville, Indiana, and Houston. Officials also said the company would electrify 5% of […]

The Impact of COVID-19 on Order-to-Delivery Time Frames – and How to Respond Effectively

| Sean M. Lyden |
In early March, the coronavirus caused automakers to shut down production completely for two months. But even after reopening in late June, they’ve still had to deal with temporary plant closures as positive cases emerge. As you can imagine, COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on vehicle and equipment production schedules and supply chains, causing significant delays […]

6 All-Electric Pickups in the Pipeline

| Sean M. Lyden |
For utility fleets committed to electrification, the holy grail is to electrify pickup trucks. That’s because pickups represent the largest vehicle segment for most fleets in the industry. So, if you can electrify a wide range of pickup applications, you’ll make a huge dent in your company’s sustainability efforts. The challenge is that high battery […]

Flattening the Curve? The State of Transportation Electrification During a Pandemic

| Sean M. Lyden |
A perfect storm of geopolitical forces flooding the world’s oil supply and COVID-19 causing global governments to temporarily shut down their economies has precipitated a steep drop in gasoline and diesel prices in recent weeks. So, what does this mean for the electric vehicle market? After all, conventional wisdom says that cheap gas will put […]

Women in Utility Fleet: Mariela Perez

| Sean M. Lyden |
In 2016, when Mariela Perez and her husband visited the exhibits while attending a national fleet managers conference, very few equipment vendors knew who she was: the head of the fleet department at Duke Energy, one of the largest electric utilities in the U.S. So, you can imagine the awkward surprise for many of those […]

Women in Utility Fleet: Michele Davis

| Sean M. Lyden |
Michele Davis has loved cars for as long as she can remember. So, when her father bought her a 1968 Chevy Camaro for her 16th birthday, “I lost my mind,” she recalled. “I didn’t expect anything like that. I mean, I just wanted a car to drive to school, go to work, see all my […]