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City of Sacramento

For the City of Sacramento, Calif., the recent implementation of vehicle telematics has led to significant reductions in fleet fuel consumption and operating costs. Recently, the municipal fleet equipped more than 400 of its vehicles with electronic fleet management products from Zonar Systems.

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Seth Skydel

Accurate, Timely and Valuable

Meeting the Information Needs of the Utility Fleet Professional

More years ago than I care to remember, as a rookie editor at a trucking industry equipment and maintenance magazine, my role was summed up for me by a much more seasoned journalist. “Our job,” he said, “is to know the information needs of our readers intimately, and to be an accurate, timely and valuable resource for them as they work to improve the fleet operations at their companies.”

It is with that in mind that we proudly launch Utility Fleet Professional, a new magazine dedicated to meeting the unique information needs of utility fleet equipment and maintenance managers. Defined by a variety and complexity of equipment unmatched in any other type of vocational fleet, utility vehicle operations require highly dedicated professionals who can blend technical expertise with superior management skills, and in turn bring value to their companies.

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Biodegradable Lubricant


FrogLube™ now makes a revolutionary biodegradable lubricant for the commercial and government markets. The company is able to produce custom formulations to meet your requirements. FrogLube is applicable in industries that perform cutting, drilling, cable-pulling, chain lubrication, sliding, boring and other tasks that require lubricants.

FrogLube does not contain petroleum – it is manufactured using food-grade ingredients. The product is designed to:
• Extend the service life of your equipment
• Prevent rust and corrosion
• Work in extreme temperatures
• Stay on without smoking, burning or vaporizing
• Reduce wear caused by friction

FrogLube    www.froglube.com/general-purpose.htm

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Pole Trailer Light Kits

gmpThanks to GMP's Pole Trailer Light Kits you can transport utility poles with greater visibility while meeting DOT requirements and only adding minimal width to your trailer.

  • In addition to their compact design and secure attachments, the kits are also loaded with well designed features for maximum visibility
  • The frame is made from an aluminum extruded weldment with a durable bright yellow polyester powder coating
  • DOT approved lights and reflectors are mounted on the back and both sides 
  • The kit uses a Reflexite label with 3 in. (76 mm) high lettering and a standard legend, ("Swings on Turns" with directional arrows) 
  • Shock mounts provide greater bulb life and simplify bulb replacement
  • The unit comes with a 40 ft. (12.2 M) 18 gauge S.O. trailer cord with a heavy-duty 4-way or 6-way trailer plug for plugging into either the trailer or the vehicle pulling the trailer. This gives motorists the added information of turn signals and brake lights; not just blinking lights. Environmental concerns are also reduced as our kits don't use disposable batteries
  • The width of the unit is minimized with up-right flags (included) and cordage storage arms located within the outer dimensions of the frame for storing excess cordage
  • The flag holders are oversized to allow for swelling of the wooden staff when wet. Each holder includes a spring retainer to keep the flag from bouncing out during transportation
  • Positive attachment to the pole is created with an over center chain binder that uses 5 ft. (152 cm) of chain and hardened steel spikes that bury in the pole when the binder is tightened
  • Two widths are available for easier storage when not used
  • Sockets for both the 4-way and 6-way plugs can be ordered separately

GMP  www.http://gmptools.com/nf/70274.htm

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Rear-Mount Camera


ASA Electronics, an international manufacturer and supplier of mobile audio and video equipment, is proud to offer the next generation of Voyager® cameras to the commercial vehicle and heavy-duty markets. These compact, highly aerodynamic Voyager Super CMOS color rear-mount observation cameras join the lineup of premium Voyager observation cameras, increasing backing safety and confidence for commercial vehicle and heavy-duty truck fleets.

CMOS technology has high noise resistance and low static power consumption. Using this technology and 14 LED lights, ASA Electronics has significantly increased the picture quality from the camera and enhanced nighttime vision with low power draw.

The Voyager Super CMOS color rear-mount observation cameras have a 117-degree viewing angle. This wide angle will increase driving safety by eliminating blind spots that surround the back end of larger vehicles, delivering maximum visibility while out on the road when paired with a Voyager LCD monitor.

These cameras are completely waterproof to ensure longevity. The Voyager Super CMOS color rear-mount observation cameras have a machined aluminum body that comes with a non-corrosive mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware. They have been built and tested to withstand vibrations and other outdoor extremes such as humidity, condensation, and temperature fluctuations that the commercial and heavy-duty markets encounter.

ASA Electronics    www.asaelectronics.com

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A92.2: The 2009 Standard

a92.2_standardThe Accredited Standard Committee (ASC) A92.2 Subcommittee for Vehicle Mounted Rotating and Elevating Aerial Devices of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has issued the long-awaited 2009 edition of the American National Standard for Vehicle Mounted Rotating and Elevated Aerial Devices.

Design and construction requirements of the original 1969 edition of A92.2 and its appendix were made a part of OSHA in 1970. Since then, the standard has been reissued in four editions in 1979, 1990 and 2001, and most recently in 2009. The 2009 Draft of the Standard was balloted twice by the committee and by ANSI rules was opened for public comment prior to final approval.

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Crane & Derrick Compliance

crane-derrick-complianceNew OSHA standard becomes effective November 8, 2010

OSHA’s new Crane and Derrick standard has a little something for everyone, including some unexpected compliance issues for the electric utility industry. Known as Subpart CC, the standard was years in development, pushed heavily to completion in the last years by serious and highly publicized crane accidents.

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Insulated Work Platform


In response to requests for work platforms capable of providing electrical insulation at voltages up to 765 kV, Diversified Products has introduced the IWP-765kV Insulated Work Platform. Designed to enhance worker productivity and increase job functions performed with hydraulic telescoping cranes and digger derricks, the platform permits bare-hand work and de-energized line construction, and reduces lineworker fatigue by eliminating the need to climb towers.

Featuring a tried-and-proven design, the IWP-765kV provides electrical insulation to personnel working on live transmission lines and equipment at voltages up to 765 kV. The insulated jib consists of a main structural fiberglass member, which is filament wound with computer-controlled, continuous-roving epoxy/anhydride resin. It’s also sealed with bulkhead covers to minimize maintenance and protect from contaminants that may reduce insulation properties.

The IWP-765kV features a radio control system that provides flexible, yet precise operation. Every unit comes standard with a two-man, steel-constructed basket, which can be easily installed and removed by two lineworkers. It features a 600-pound capacity, 36-inch-by-72-inch platform, with the controls located on the curbside near the top rail. Serviceable, self-lubricating bushings are located on all pivots, and a ground access adds convenience for entry and loading. The basket is gravity hung with a closed-loop brake cylinder to dampen movement and lock it into position. Custom baskets are also available to suit specific requests.

Minimal setup time is required to install the IWP-765kV on most hydraulic telescoping cranes. Crane specifications are reviewed prior to installation, and field or factory installation is provided standard. Other standard features include test bands and shield, boom-tip bonding straps, cable reel, lanyard attachment(s), current leakage monitor and battery charger. The jib and controls meet or exceed ANSI A92.2, ASME B30.23, CSA Z150 and CSA 225 standards.

Diversified Products    www.diversifiedproduct.com

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Next Generation Vehicle for FCCC All-Electric Walk-In Van Introduced at 2010 Hybrid Truck Users Forum

Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) and Morgan Olson LLC launched the next generation vehicle with new exterior and interior body styling for its successful all-electric walk-in van (WIV). The MT-EV WIV boasts a lightweight, aerodynamic design for improved efficiency. Conceived and developed with a contemporary fresh automotive approach, the vehicle maintains the hardworking heritage customers expect while ultimately contributing to the bottom line.

FCCC first introduced its plug-in, all-electric WIV chassis, the only one domestically engineered and the first in the industry to be completely all electric in North America, earlier this year. Following that launch and continuing in its legacy of designing alternative fuel products, FCCC partnered with Morgan Olson to develop a ground-breaking body style to provide further benefits to the delivery van owner, as well as the driver.

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