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What to Consider When Coordinating OEM Training Opportunities for Your Shop Technicians

| Shelley Mika |
Utility vehicles continually evolve to better meet fleet needs. While these advancements may make life easier for the operator or fleet manager, oftentimes they result in greater complexity for technicians. For this reason, OEMs offer training programs that help in-house shop technicians stay up to date on the latest models. Although OEMs host trainings, lining […]

Fleet Electrification Plans Face Reality Check Amid EV Slowdown

| Sean M. Lyden |
Last year’s NTEA Work Truck Week was a parade of new electric vehicle launches. But if recent news is a sign, the bullishness toward EVs might be more subdued at this year’s show in Indianapolis in March. The Sudden Downshift Until a couple of months ago, the EV market looked unstoppable. EV sales reached their […]
Terex Pro Controls

What’s New in Truck and Van Upfits for 2024?

| Sean M. Lyden |
The industry’s truck and van equipment manufacturers are developing new products that equip your crews to get more work done with less strain and greater safety. They’re incorporating more lightweight materials in their product designs so that you can reduce fuel costs, increase battery range or boost payload capacity. And they’re offering more electrified options […]
Fleet of generic electric EV delivery vans charging on charging stations

The New ‘Fuel’: Strategies for Tracking and Managing EV Charging Costs

As more utility fleets add electric vehicles to their mix, fleet managers need to understand the intricacies of managing EV charging costs, much like they would fuel expenses. Fleets are adopting an emerging array of strategies, tools and practices to monitor and control these costs. After all, utility rates are the new fuel prices and […]

Get Up to Speed on Fleet Advancements at North America’s Largest Work Truck Event

From March 5-8, North America’s largest work truck event – Work Truck Week – will take over the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Among this year’s offerings are the Green Truck Summit (March 5), educational sessions (March 5-7) and the Ride & Drive (March 6-7). Exhibits will be open March 6-8. Mary Aufdemberg, general manager […]
Cybersecurity Credit DHS

Armor Your Connected Fleet with Cybersecurity Measures

| David Cullen |
Utility fleets are integrating various connected-vehicle technologies that mine data to boost operational efficiency and effectiveness. But leveraging this brave new world of rich data is not without risk. The more connected a utility’s vehicles and facilities – and the more data they generate – the more likely they are to come under cyberattack, which […]

The Fleet Leader’s Guide to Effective Communication: Inspired by ‘Made to Stick’

| Sean M. Lyden |
Do you struggle with getting your team to understand, remember and act correctly on your instructions? How can you consistently communicate in a simple, straightforward and memorable way? How can you expand your influence with your boss and direct reports? If any of these questions relate to you, read “Made to Stick” by Chip and […]
Suizo Article Equipment

Addressing Ergonomics in Utility Fleet Vehicles

| Grace Suizo |
It’s no secret that there are myriad items a utility fleet manager must consider when spec’ing vehicles for their fleet. Among those are the vehicles’ ergonomic features, which are intended to provide greater operator comfort and efficiency. According to Pete Gnatowski, director of sales, manufacturing and distribution for global automotive services organization Holman (, “When […]

Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Are Your Electrification Targets Realistic?

The latest headlines signal that the electric vehicle market is tapping the brakes, with the road ahead becoming increasingly uncertain. How will this trend impact your company’s ability to hit its zero-emission targets? The odds are strong that you will need to convince senior management to adjust their timeline and expectations. But how do you […]