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October 2021 Archive

Who is Your Customer?

But first, this public service announcement. If your organization doesn’t already have a policy on energy drinks, you should do the research and develop one. I had long been skeptical of energy drinks because I know that anything that artificially enhances body function always comes with consequences, especially if it’s overused. It’s no different than […]

Planning Your Fleet’s Transition to EVs

| Sean M. Lyden |
All major automakers have recently announced their commitments to selling only electric-drive vehicles by 2035. And that shift will bring new opportunities and challenges for utility fleets. It will force you to change how you spec vehicles, manage “fueling” infrastructure, train your technicians and support crews in storm response situations. So, where do you start? […]

What’s New in Lifting Equipment for Utility Fleets in 2021

| Sean M. Lyden |
Lifting height, capacity, stability and range – these are all critical factors utility fleet professionals consider when spec’ing aerial platforms, cranes and other heavy-lifting equipment. They’re also looking for enhancements to machine safety, longevity and efficiency. So, what new products in the lifting equipment space have emerged in the past year to help fleet managers […]

Top Trends to Watch in Commercial Truck Tires

| Sandy Smith |
As director of strategic alliances for Element Fleet Management (, Kerry Wenthin often hears concerns about tire performance. Ask him what he’s hoping to see in terms of innovation, and it comes down to value. “Longer-lasting and cost-conscious products for the high mileage and demanding usage patterns in the light-truck service and delivery segment will […]

What’s New in All-Terrain Vehicles for Utility Fleets

| Grace Suizo |
Utilities have a number of different options available to help their crews get work done in hard-to-reach areas, in harsh weather conditions and on rough terrain. Since new equipment is regularly being introduced to the marketplace, it’s important for utilities to stay up to date about what they have to choose from. Check out these […]

Best Practices for Training Utility Fleet Drivers to Cut Engine Idling

| Gary L. Wollenhaupt |
Most fleet professionals understand the benefits of idle reduction. It’s the lowest of the low-hanging fruit. Unfortunately, too many fleet managers and drivers still believe certain old-school conventional wisdom, like starting a truck uses more fuel than letting it idle. Up-to-date research pokes holes in those old beliefs, but it can be hard to change […]

How to Retain Technicians in a Tight Labor Market

| David Cullen |
Exactly when we can state with certainty that America has emerged from the coronavirus pandemic is yet unknown. But much of the country is opening again, albeit cautiously. Businesses are taking stock of what they must do to get back up to speed. In some cases, that means looking to hire new workers to replace […]

How a Major Utility Fleet Moved to Predictive Maintenance

| Karen Scallly |
At first, Entergy’s plan was fairly simple. Chris Morrow, fleet assets superintendent for the New Orleans-based electric utility, said the company knew they wanted to move away from time-based preventive maintenance for their 6,000-unit fleet to a service program that was more usage-based. What they have since discovered is that the power of telematics and […]

Making the Best of the Way Things Turn Out

| Sean M. Lyden |
The delta variant. Automotive plant shutdowns. Order-to-delivery delays. So much is in flux right now. And that’s when uncertainty and anxiety often begin to deplete our energy and cloud our judgment. But in times like these, I’m reminded of a powerful quote by the legendary basketball coach John Wooden, who said, “Things turn out best […]