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David Cullen

David Cullen

David Cullen is an award-winning journalist who specializes in covering the trucking industry. Based in Connecticut, he writes for several business publications.

VNR Electric Charging Volvo Trucks North America

Get Set for an Electric Chain Reaction

| David Cullen |
Get ready for a two-pronged electric surge. As utilities seek to cut emissions and fuel use while boosting their sustainability goals via fleet electrification, two developments out of Washington D.C. should lead to (1) faster rollouts of electric trucks purpose-built for vocational and on-highway applications and (2) building substantial corridors of truck-charging infrastructure along key […]
Cybersecurity Credit DHS

Armor Your Connected Fleet with Cybersecurity Measures

| David Cullen |
Utility fleets are integrating various connected-vehicle technologies that mine data to boost operational efficiency and effectiveness. But leveraging this brave new world of rich data is not without risk. The more connected a utility’s vehicles and facilities – and the more data they generate – the more likely they are to come under cyberattack, which […]
Mandating Drunk Driving Detection

When Will Drunk-Driving Detection Be Mandated on Light Vehicles?

| David Cullen |
Mandatory technology that promises to curtail the carnage on the highway wrought by drunk and otherwise impaired drivers is on its way. Advanced drunk driving prevention technology (ADDPT) is the umbrella term that covers the work that’s been going on for years to leverage advanced technologies to develop devices designed to stop drunk drivers in […]
Gregory Industries

Truck-Mounted vs. Towed Impact Attenuators

| David Cullen |
Mobile impact attenuators, be they truck-mounted or towed, are designed to protect utility crews and their equipment by absorbing the kinetic energy released when a vehicle crashes into their work zone. In simple terms, an attenuator is a cushion fitted to the rear of a truck or trailer. These devices are engineered to improve roadside […]
Tech at Work Credit PacLease

How to Best Deliver In-House Technician Training

| David Cullen |
Top-notch technicians who are kept up to date on effective maintenance practices and compliance with safety and environmental requirements are the beating heart of any successful truck fleet. That’s even more so with electric utilities, which operate an array of specialized equipment. Finding the best techs to do the best work begins with a fleet’s […]
management cullen october 2023

How to Best Interview Fleet Personnel

| David Cullen |
The hiring process for any job involves some dancing on the part of the employer and the applicant. Depending on the savvy and experience of the job seeker, the footwork gets most intense when the discussion moves to compensation, which covers everything from wages to health benefits to overtime rates and paid time off. The […]
2021 Chassis Cab

How to Make the Right Choice: Gas vs. Diesel for Medium-Duty Trucks

| David Cullen |
Weighing whether to select gasoline versus diesel power for work trucks is enough to make your head spin into another dimension – of choice, that is. Thanks to advances in engine designs and greater availability of gasoline power, there is more than ever to think about when picking a gasoline or diesel option, including deciding […]
Dejana Trailers

The Best Specs for Cable Reel Trailers

| David Cullen |
Cable reel trailers are bread-and-butter equipment for electric utility fleets. But that doesn’t mean they come in one size that fits all. Far from it. For one thing, there are at least a half dozen manufacturers producing these trailers. What’s more, these companies produce multiple models of cable reel trailers, with all being customizable to […]
ZF Friedrichshafen AG

A Roadmap to Autonomous Trucks

| David Cullen |
A Roadmap to Autonomous Trucks The technology and steps to regulate fully autonomous trucks will evolve bit by bit over the coming years. By David Cullen The road to autonomous trucks is a long and winding one. How it’s navigated will ride on everything from how rapidly the technology advances and how quickly it is […]
Ford F-150 Lightning Pro

Sizing Up the Electric Pickup Truck

| David Cullen |
It seems like every time you turn around these days, there’s a new battery-electric pickup truck being unveiled. Iconic American truck builders Ford, General Motors and Ram have begun building full-size electric pickups, while startup manufacturers – such as Rivian and Canoo – are rolling out EV pickups of varying designs. Meanwhile, Elon Musk, head […]