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6 Takeaways from the 2024 Green Truck Summit

| Sean M. Lyden |
Over 800 fleet professionals and industry representatives attended the daylong Green Truck Summit – part of NTEA’s Work Truck Week in Indianapolis – on March 5 to assess the current landscape and path forward for electrification. So, what is the outlook for electric trucks? In a nutshell, truck manufacturers are still investing heavily in new […]

Understanding Wind Speed Limitations on Utility Equipment

| Jim Olson |
The question about what’s permitted for operating aerial devices and digger derricks in high winds is one that comes up frequently with users. Utility crews often must deal with working in wind. Trouble trucks responding during storm recovery, transmission operations to place visibility balls on lines and working above rooflines in urban locations are just […]

Are Vehicle Order Lead Times Improving?

While the automotive industry is recovering from the worst of the pandemic-era disruptions, many vehicles still have extended lead times that are disrupting fleet acquisition plans. Pre-COVID, lead times for most vehicles were about three months, which stretched to as much as 12 months during the pandemic. The lead time has fallen to around six […]
VNR Electric Charging Volvo Trucks North America

Get Set for an Electric Chain Reaction

| David Cullen |
Get ready for a two-pronged electric surge. As utilities seek to cut emissions and fuel use while boosting their sustainability goals via fleet electrification, two developments out of Washington D.C. should lead to (1) faster rollouts of electric trucks purpose-built for vocational and on-highway applications and (2) building substantial corridors of truck-charging infrastructure along key […]

Maintaining Productivity Amid the Challenge of Extended Lead Times

| Grace Suizo |
Fleet managers continue to see some of the longest lead times in decades, with supply and delivery disruptions significantly hampering the industry. Across the board, every size of truck and car and every type of rolling asset has been impacted, according to Matt Gilliland, director of operations and business support for Nebraska Public Power District […]
EUFMC Show 9

Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference Marks 71 Years

The 71st annual Electric Utility Fleet Managers Conference will take place June 2-5 at the Williamsburg Lodge and Conference Center in Williamsburg, Virginia. “Driving Safety, Sustainability & Technical Expertise” is the theme of this year’s educational program, which will feature presentations by fleet executives, manufacturers and industry experts. Presentation topics are expected to include: Mutual […]

The Fleet Department’s Role in Curbing Distracted Driving Incidents

| Shelley Mika |
In 2022, 3,308 people were killed in the U.S. as a result of distracted driving. With human life at risk, not to mention the associated financial costs, a focus on reducing distracted driving is a must for fleets. While a utility company’s safety department typically establishes distracted driving policies and training, the fleet department plays […]

When Fleet Management Becomes Change Management

Whether electrifying your fleet, rolling out new software or restructuring your department, you’ll encounter resistance from within and outside your team. So, how do you win over those people to make the transition as smooth as possible? Put these six change management principles into practice. 1. Clearly communicate the vision, rationale and benefits of the […]

Switching and Tagging

If you are a fleet manager or fleet safety supervisor, you may think the topic of switching and tagging is not a body of knowledge needed for the safety of your field mechanics. You may be wrong. Let’s say you have a distribution crew doing storm restoration and one of the digger derricks breaks down. […]