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Curtis Marquardt Jr.

Curtis Marquardt Jr.

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Sharing Knowledge: The Value of Joining a Utility Fleet Organization

| Curtis Marquardt Jr. |
Have you ever heard of the Homebrew Computer Club (HCC)? How about Apple, the technology company? The odds are that all of you are familiar with Apple – with its ubiquitous iPhones and iPads – but very few of you have heard of the HCC. But did you know that without the HCC’s existence, Apple […]

How Standing Idle is Setting You Back

| Curtis Marquardt Jr. |
Pop quiz: Which uses more fuel and produces more emissions – letting a passenger car idle for 15 seconds or turning off a car and restarting it after 15 seconds? If you answered that restarting the car uses more fuel, you would not be alone. Most people believe that starting is the less efficient option. […]

How Engaged Are Your Employees?

| Curtis Marquardt Jr. |
Across the globe, there is a shortage of a very important resource that is reaching epidemic proportions. What’s worse, it’s a resource that is vital to your fleet operation and has a substantial impact on your bottom line. This increasingly rare commodity is the engaged employee. So, what is an engaged employee and why are […]