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XL Hybrids Receives CARB Executive Order

Written by Kate Wade on . Posted in .

XL Hybrids has received a California Air Resources Board executive order allowing aftermarket conversions of gasoline-powered 2012-2014 model year General Motors 2500 and 3500 vans, Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana vans into hybrid electric vehicles. The XL Hybrids XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System is on sale now in California for the first time.

The XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive System has been shown to increase miles driven per gallon by approximately 25 percent in real-world fleet vehicle driving. The XL3 is a regenerative braking system that requires no special fueling stations, plug-ins or maintenance. Fleets can rapidly adopt the XL3 system because there is no driver training required, no new fueling infrastructure required, and the install takes less than one day. Plus, driver productivity increases because drivers can spend more time on their routes and less time at the pump.

In addition, the fuel reduction achieved with the XL3 hybrid system helps California fleets accelerate their corporate sustainability initiatives. According to the EPA, every 1,000 gallons of fuel saved results in 8.9 metric tons of carbon dioxide reduced.