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Terex 4th Section

Terex Fiberglass 4th Section

Written by Kate Wade on . Posted in .

Terex now offers an insulated, retractable 4th section on its General 80 digger derricks. The first of its kind in the industry, the new 4th section is made from fiberglass, replacing a non-insulated, steel 4th section on previous models, and is designed to meet the industry’s demand for increased insulated digger derrick reach heights. With the insulated 4th section, crews are able to set poles and perform line work with an 80-foot digger derrick.

The 4th section is designed to enable operators to extend and retract in minutes using the winch line. Terex engineered it to balance on a series of boom extension rollers. This design allows it to easily be rolled in and out. The ability to retract the 4th section fully into the other boom protects the new 4th section from potential damage when it is not in use.

A video walk-through of the new 4th section can be viewed at