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Snow Removal Equipment

Hiniker Co. offers a complete line of snowplows and material spreaders designed for the professional snow removal market. Innovative products such as the Hiniker Scoop plow and the Hiniker C-Plow enable professional contractors to move snow more efficiently, resulting in faster job completion and greater profitability.

The Hiniker line of high-performance trip-edge plows includes C-Plows, Scoop plows, VF series flare-wing trip-edge V-plows and straight blade plows. These plows feature a unique two- or three-section trip-edge with a 9-inch-high, no-pinch pivot point, allowing the plow to clear obstacles such as curbs and parking barriers. Each section trips independently, reducing stress and twisting forces over the length of the plow. The no-pinch hinge keeps stones and ice from jamming the trip-edge. All Hiniker plows feature the time-saving, convenient Hiniker Quick-Hitch or Quick-Hitch2 system.

Hiniker’s dual-motor electric salt and sand spreaders allow users to tailor material application rates accurately and conveniently. Powered by the truck’s 12-volt electrical system, the exclusive Hiniker control console provides individual variable speed control for both the conveyor and the spinner. The two electric motors offer quiet operation for residential and office applications. Two stainless steel electric spreader models with conveyor delivery are available: the 6.5-foot model 635 and the 8-foot model 835. The model 775 electric auger spreader is optimally sized for use in either a 6.5-foot or 8-foot pickup bed. Standard hopper capacities are 1.50 cu. yd. for model 635, 1.80 cu. yd. for model 835 and 2.00 cu. yd. for model 775. www.hiniker.com

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