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Rotary Lift Mobile Column Lifts

Written by Kate Wade on . Posted in .

Mach Series mobile column lifts from Rotary Lift minimize downtime with fast setup features and versatility. According to Doug Spiller, the company’s heavy-duty product manager, the lifts feature fast rise and descent times, so technicians spend less time waiting for the lift before they can start working. The lifts also come with intuitive controls that make it easy to synchronize each column during the setup process. Automatic steering systems further save time by eliminating the need to manually pump each column before transport, and brakes engage automatically when the handle is released.

To provide utility fleet service facilities with maximum versatility, Rotary Lift Mach Series lifts can be removed from under a raised truck once the vehicle is lowered onto jack stands. The lift can then be used to raise other trucks for service, preventing bottlenecks of vehicles.

Each Mach Series lift column is powered by batteries and comes with an onboard charger. Since there is no need to plug the columns into power outlets, there are fewer cords cluttering the service bay. The Mach Series lift can also be equipped with a wireless communications option that eliminates all communications cables.