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Rear-Mount Camera

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ASA Electronics, an international manufacturer and supplier of mobile audio and video equipment, is proud to offer the next generation of Voyager® cameras to the commercial vehicle and heavy-duty markets. These compact, highly aerodynamic Voyager Super CMOS color rear-mount observation cameras join the lineup of premium Voyager observation cameras, increasing backing safety and confidence for commercial vehicle and heavy-duty truck fleets.

CMOS technology has high noise resistance and low static power consumption. Using this technology and 14 LED lights, ASA Electronics has significantly increased the picture quality from the camera and enhanced nighttime vision with low power draw.

The Voyager Super CMOS color rear-mount observation cameras have a 117-degree viewing angle. This wide angle will increase driving safety by eliminating blind spots that surround the back end of larger vehicles, delivering maximum visibility while out on the road when paired with a Voyager LCD monitor.

These cameras are completely waterproof to ensure longevity. The Voyager Super CMOS color rear-mount observation cameras have a machined aluminum body that comes with a non-corrosive mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware. They have been built and tested to withstand vibrations and other outdoor extremes such as humidity, condensation, and temperature fluctuations that the commercial and heavy-duty markets encounter.

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