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Pole Trailer Light Kits

Thanks to GMP’s Pole Trailer Light Kits you can transport utility poles with greater visibility while meeting DOT requirements and only adding minimal width to your trailer.

  • In addition to their compact design and secure attachments, the kits are also loaded with well designed features for maximum visibility
  • The frame is made from an aluminum extruded weldment with a durable bright yellow polyester powder coating
  • DOT approved lights and reflectors are mounted on the back and both sides
  • The kit uses a Reflexite label with 3 in. (76 mm) high lettering and a standard legend, (“Swings on Turns” with directional arrows)
  • Shock mounts provide greater bulb life and simplify bulb replacement
  • The unit comes with a 40 ft. (12.2 M) 18 gauge S.O. trailer cord with a heavy-duty 4-way or 6-way trailer plug for plugging into either the trailer or the vehicle pulling the trailer. This gives motorists the added information of turn signals and brake lights; not just blinking lights. Environmental concerns are also reduced as our kits don’t use disposable batteries
  • The width of the unit is minimized with up-right flags (included) and cordage storage arms located within the outer dimensions of the frame for storing excess cordage
  • The flag holders are oversized to allow for swelling of the wooden staff when wet. Each holder includes a spring retainer to keep the flag from bouncing out during transportation
  • Positive attachment to the pole is created with an over center chain binder that uses 5 ft. (152 cm) of chain and hardened steel spikes that bury in the pole when the binder is tightened
  • Two widths are available for easier storage when not used
  • Sockets for both the 4-way and 6-way plugs can be ordered separately

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