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McNeilus Advances CNG Systems and Services

Written by Kate Wade on . Posted in .

McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing Inc. has introduced significant enhancements to its industry-leading NGEN CNG Systems and Services. The NGEN fuel delivery system now features improved capabilities, with optimized internal diameters that offer up to 30 percent improved fill times. The fill time compares favorably to that of traditional diesel fuel. Streamlining the design has reduced the number of plumbing components by 25 percent and the number of connections by 50 percent.

NGEN systems also offer continuous-protection thermal pressure relief devices (PRDs) on all configurations that span the length of the tank and system, increasing protection against localized thermal events. Typical PRD configurations contain more high-pressure plumbing and have less thermal sensing surface.

Additionally, for enhanced serviceability and reliability, O-ring face seal (ORFS) fittings have been integrated where possible. ORFS fittings can be tightened to proper torque values, mitigating assembly and reassembly errors.