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ItemAware Tool and Asset Tracking System

Written by Kate Wade on . Posted in .

In an effort to provide its customers with new and innovative solutions, Ring Power Utility Equipment has partnered with Aware Innovations to offer a groundbreaking product known as ItemAware.

ItemAware is a unique tool and asset tracking system that uses RFID and other technologies to tag tools and other items and pair them with a beacon location (e.g., truck, shed, job site). The ItemAware app is then used to view each item’s location and last-seen status in real time, while clicking on an individual item gives the user a detailed history of that item, including locations, manufacturer and more.

Tool loss in the utility industry is estimated at 30% annually, a value of approximately $9 million. ItemAware can help reduce that asset bleed by giving managers more control and visibility of assets in real time.

Image Courtesy of Ring Power