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Golight Off-Road Lamp

Written by Kate Wade on . Posted in .

Golight Inc. recently introduced its GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp. The lamp’s rugged form was inspired by and emulates the look of today’s off-road tires. The bezel of the GXL 4211 Off-Road Lamp features six air induction ports that enhance its thermal management capabilities and promote product longevity.

The lamp’s optics have been specially engineered for the environment unique to off-road driving. The sophisticated plano-convex lens optimally controls the substantial light generated by the lamp’s seven high-output LEDs, creating an intense 130,000-candela beam with a 12-degree angle that provides ample peripheral illumination, while preserving center beam intensity. The tough polycarbonate lens is protected by an integrated brush guard grill with four cross-members.

The GXL 4211’s unique air induction ports surround the periphery of its 3.5-inch-diameter lens, and are part of an ingenious active thermal management system that employs both aerodynamics and solid-state electronics to protect and maximize the lifespan of its LEDs. When moving, the lamp is designed to channel six separate air currents over the lamp’s internal heat sink array.

Designed with multivolt flexibility and convenience in mind, the lamp accommodates virtually any vehicle electrical system operating between 9 and 36 volts. Installation is easy for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike, and as added protection the lamp features over-voltage and reverse polarity protection.