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Golight HID Stryker

Written by Kate Wade on . Posted in .
In response to consumer demand, Golight Inc., the leader in remote-control searchlights, has introduced the High Intensity Discharge (HID) Stryker. The new HID Stryker offers Golight users tremendous intensity with minimal strain on the vehicle’s electrical system. By comparison, the HID upgrade more than triples the light output of its incandescent counterpart. Renowned for its beam precision, Golight has been able to generate a peak beam intensity of 650,000 candelas by incorporating an internally-ballasted HID bulb and updated reflector into the Stryker remote-control light housing, and achieve a maximum beam distance of more than one mile. Besides increased intensity, the HID system emits light at significantly greater color temperature – 4100 k – which creates a whiter light comparable to daylight. After an initial startup surge, the HID Stryker requires only 3.5 amps for continuous operation. The unit reaches peak output in less than 10 seconds and reaches 70 percent capacity in just four seconds. The filament-free bulb also has durability advantages, with a rated life of greater than 3,000 hours.