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DrīvActiv Safe-Driving Simulator System

Written by Kate Wade on . Posted in .

Driving Dynamics has completed the development and production of its latest technology advancement for driver safety training. Full-scale mobile simulators will be available as part of the company’s driver safety training curriculum starting the first quarter of 2016. The DrīvActiv system, developed by Driving Dynamics’ educational and technical teams, has been uniquely engineered to bring together the benefits of training location mobility, on-site instructors and sophisticated simulator technology.

The flexible design of DrīvActiv simulators will allow the company to deliver multiple units for each instructor-led training course to sites across North America and will provide fleet operators access to advanced performance safety training for up to 20 drivers a day at a single location. In addition, simulator units can be ergonomically adjusted to fit each student in the seat.

In Driving Dynamics’ simulator-based courses, four students working with two instructors will each be assigned his or her own simulator to engage in a segment of active practice coupled with feedback. The software component of DrīvActiv training will include scenarios that provide on-the-fly, street-level and overhead views, drive-time playback and real-time performance analytics designed to diagnose driver errors, provide immediate feedback and further facilitate personal coaching opportunities.