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Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology

Written by Kate Wade on . Posted in .

The innovative BOLT (Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology) series of locks, designed to provide convenient, one-key access to multiple locks, can streamline the workday and improve security for owners of 2015 and 2016 Ford Transit and Transit Connect commercial vans.

Patented BOLT locks are designed so that a single ignition key can be programmed to open any number of BOLT locks, reducing the need for multiple keys. The first time the ignition key is inserted into the BOLT lock cylinder, spring-loaded plate tumblers move, immediately coding the cylinder to that unique key. From then on, only the driver’s ignition key is needed to unlock a padlocked toolbox, unhitch a trailer or secure gear and other valuable equipment.

Rugged, weatherproof BOLT locks are manufactured with an electroless nickel-plated carbon steel pin or shaft assembly/shield for strength and durability, and feature an automotive-grade stainless steel lock shutter and a six-plate tumbler sidebar that prevents picking and bumping.