Altec Sentry Training Programs

Altec’s Sentry Training programs comply with ANSI standards and provide operators the knowledge and skills needed to operate Altec equipment productively and safely. Sentry instructors will come directly to you for personalized training, or you can sign up for a scheduled training date.

Training course options include instructor-led programs and self-directed training kits, covering a variety of topics such as unit setup and operation, digger and pole-puller operation, material handling and Altec’s ISO-grip system. Both options include comprehensive training complete with workbooks, tests and evaluation sheets. Instructor-led programs also provide one-on-one hands-on training to validate operator skills. Upon successful completion, the operator will receive a certificate of completion and a wallet card.

Visit Altec’s training date page at www.altec.com/safety/sentry-training-dates to view a list of scheduled hands-on trainings. To request a quote or to schedule your team’s customized training, fill out an operator training quote at www.altec.com/safety/operator-training-quote with your class type, size and requested location. www.altec.com/safety

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