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3 Takeaways to Expect from Utility Fleet Conference 2017

Utility Fleet Conference 2017 exists to provide a forum that challenges us in the utility fleet industry to change ourselves – to learn, grow and adapt in an environment where so much change is happening so quickly.

Think about it: Emerging technologies like self-driving systems, connected vehicles and drones are already here and just beginning to make an impact on your fleet – and how you do business. And, as more older fleet workers and technicians prepare for retirement, you have to compete even harder to find workers who are qualified to fill those roles.

The reality is that yesterday’s knowledge, skills and strategies are not enough to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. We must grow.

But what should we learn? And how can we apply that new knowledge to equip ourselves for long-term success?

Start by attending Utility Fleet Conference 2017 ( October 2-4 at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Ky., and expect to leave with these three important takeaways.

1. Gain Insight
Find out about emerging fleet trends and technologies that could impact your job. Attend panel discussions led by experts on important topics, such as “The Future of Telematics and Connected Fleets” and “The Top Trends Impacting Utility Fleet Operations.” There also will be sessions on autonomous vehicles and drones, and their potential impact on fleet.

2. Learn Strategy
Get exposed to new ideas and strategies that can help you take your fleet’s performance to the next level. Learn best practices from peers and industry experts on fleet safety, electrification and maintenance management.

3. Lead Success
Become a more effective leader with your team and senior management. The opening keynote will be delivered by author and leadership expert Jim Finkelstein on “Old School vs. New School: Managing Across Generations.” There also will be sessions that offer real-world strategies on how to expand your influence with senior management and how to recruit and keep your top technicians.

So, if you’re a fleet professional working for an investor-owned utility, public utility, cooperative or utility contractor, Utility Fleet Conference at ICUEE is designed specifically for you. For a full conference agenda, visit

See you in Louisville!

Sean M. Lyden

Sean M. Lyden

Sean M. Lyden is the editor of Utility Fleet Professional magazine.