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Terex SCM Series Hi-Ranger, Hi-Ranger LTM Series Telescopic Aerial Device, L13i Series

Terex Utilities’ SCM48, SCM50 and SCM55 overcenter material-handling models have been added to its Hi-Ranger aerial device equipment lineup. These models feature the Terex lower boom cylinder design for low travel height and the Terex-patented Tri-Link elbow design for easy maintenance. The lower boom cylinder design on the SCM series offers more open bed space and an overall height less than 11 feet on a 40-inch frame. The low profile of the SCM series allows for low-platform stow near centerline of the truck to provide exceptional clearance of overhead obstructions such as bridges, trees and power lines during travel. The field-proven Tri-Link elbow design features easy access to greasable bushings and bearings, no lift chains or cables, and does not require a mandatory overhaul during the truck’s lifetime. All models have a gross vehicle weight rating of 31,000 pounds.

Terex has also added the Terex Hi-Ranger LTM Series insulated, articulating telescopic material-handling aerial device, which offers high reach in a compact design. With a working height of up to 44.5 feet, the LTM40 model boasts 100 inches of upper boom extension for high-reach capabilities. The LTM Series is engineered for convenient, compact operation. With a gross vehicle weight rating of 19,500 pounds, the LTM40 model can be installed on a Class 4 chassis with 7,000-pound front axle.

Finally, Terex’s L13i Series, an articulating and telescoping insulated aerial device, is designed for installation on light-duty chassis in the 7,700 pounds of gross vehicle weight rate range. The L13i is descriptive of a 42.6-foot working height insulated aerial. It provides users with increased chassis options for applications that vary from trouble truck work to tree trimming in urban applications. Key features of the product include insulated articulating and telescoping aerial device; ability to mount on a variety of light-duty chassis; bottom of platform height of 36.5 feet; working height of 41.5 feet; and optional two-person platform.

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