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Subaru SGX Generators

Subaru’s new line of SGX generators offers high-quality features, durable construction and technologically advanced Subaru EX overhead cam engines, making them reliable, rugged and powerful. The commercial generators are available in three models to meet the needs of numerous users. Delivering a maximum output of 3,500 watts, the SGX3500 utilizes Subaru’s EX21 7-horsepower engine. The unit offers a fuel tank capacity of 4 gallons and provides a continuous run time of eight hours at the rated load. The SGX5000 uses the 9.5-horsepower EX30 engine and offers a maximum output of 4,900 watts. Fuel tank capacity is 7 gallons and the unit’s continuous run time is 9.4 hours at the rated load. Featuring a 14-horsepower EX40 engine, the SGX7500E provides a maximum output of 7,500 watts. It offers a continuous run time of seven hours at the rated load and a fuel tank capacity of 8 gallons. Additionally, the SGX7500E includes an electric starting system with recoil backup. Constructed of heavy-duty steel and equipped with steel fuel tanks, the SGX units are designed for longevity and durability.

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