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Morback Chippers

Morbark Hand‐Fed Brush Chippers

Morbark LLC, a leading forestry, biomass, tree care, sawmill and wood recycling equipment manufacturer, recently unveiled the all-new BVR line of hand‐fed brush chippers.

The BVR line of brush chippers builds upon the legacy of Morbark’s innovation in the tree care industry through an updated modular design. The complete line of BVR chippers includes the BVR 10, BVR 13, BVR 16, BVR 19 and BVR 22, and features chipping capacities from 12 to 20 inches. The new configuration of the brush chipper line streamlines the equipment’s overall upkeep and maintenance routine, reducing customer downtime and increasing overall productivity.

The BVR brush chippers also feature Morbark’s proven and patented ZeroClutch, which removes the anxiety of engaging the chipper drum, damaged drive belts and burned clutch discs while elevating the customer’s operating experience. The ZeroClutch technology features an integrated drum-speed sensor that monitors the drum speed and will not allow the clutch to engage if material is lodged between the feed wheel and drum or if the discharge chute is plugged. Customers will now simply start their brush chipper, throttle the machine to full RPMs, and engage the feed control bar.

Kate Wade

Kate Wade is the managing editor of Utility Fleet Professional and Incident Prevention magazines. She has been employed by Utility Business Media Inc. since 2008.