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Intermotive Eco-Star

Eco-Star is an idle reduction system that automatically turns the engine off – and back on – when the vehicle is in park. While the engine is off, battery power is still available to keep the lights, radio and other auxiliary equipment available for use. Eco-Star is a passive system for the driver so they do not operate the vehicle any differently than they do now. Best of all, the fuel savings can pay for the system in just a few months. Eco-Star automatically restarts the engine based on several programmable conditions – low Vbat, service brake applied or interior temperature. Using the optional thermostat, Eco-Star can be programmed to restart the vehicle if the interior temperature becomes too hot or too cold. This option is perfect for operators who use the vehicle as a mobile office or to transport passengers. Current applications are available for Ford, GM and medium-duty (J1939) chassis.

Erica Burke

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