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Hydratrek Amphibious Vehicle

The D2488B Hydratrek is a multipurpose amphibious vehicle with a 24-inch rubber track system that enables it to maintain a light footprint and “float” in fresh snow conditions. Utility and other industries use the Hydratrek year-round to survey, transport, recover, and rescue on rights-of-way, wetlands, lakes, flooded areas, gumbo mud, timber, muskeg, vegetation, debris and beaches. It is capable of safely operating in temperatures of -40 F.

The D2488B has a ground payload of 3,000 pounds. It can float 1,400 pounds and maneuver in deep water with the integrated water propulsion system and two 11-inch bronze propellers. The standard 85-horsepower Kubota diesel engine and planetary drive system can tow up to 8,000 pounds in rough country. The marine-grade aluminum body and undercarriage are thick, durable and reinforced throughout to provide years of service. An optional hydraulic winch, hydraulic tool circuit, capstan, LED lighting and electric crane hoist can make the D2488B a workhorse in the field. View a demo of the D2488B at

Kate Wade

Kate Wade is the managing editor of Utility Fleet Professional and Incident Prevention magazines. She has been employed by Utility Business Media Inc. since 2008.