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Fleet-Ready Truck Solution from XL Hybrids

Utility fleets have been seeking a reliable, fleet-ready plug-in hybrid electric pickup truck for years. XL Hybrids Inc. will begin production of its new XLP plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) upfit solution in the fourth quarter of 2017. XLP, rolling out on the Ford F-150, will be an industry-first, Fleet-Ready solution offered as a ship-thru upfit on half-ton pickup trucks. The system will provide a 50 percent improvement in miles driven per gallon for major fleets across the U.S., as well as significant reductions in CO2 emissions.

Benefits for utility fleets include a PHEV pickup truck with immediate applications across a wide range of drive cycles; based on proven technology with 40 million road miles; plug-in technology to meet EEI mandates for investment in fleet electrification; by adopting PHEV pickups, utility fleets set an example for rate-paying constituencies, encouraging them to use the increasing number of public, utility-installed vehicle charging stations; allows utility fleets to use the increasing amount of charging infrastructure being installed; and increases sustainability by offsetting fossil fuel use to reduce CO2 and NOx emissions.

NV Energy and DTE Energy are among the newest utility and municipal fleets who say they intend to purchase XL Hybrids’ XLP PHEV system. They join previously announced fleets San Diego Gas & Electric Co., Liberty Utilities and Hawaiian Electric Co.

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Kate Wade

Kate Wade is the managing editor of Utility Fleet Professional and Incident Prevention magazines. She has been employed by Utility Business Media Inc. since 2008.