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Firestone R4Tech Kit

The Firestone Industrial Products Co. LLC R4Tech air suspension system is available for 2011-2012 Ford F-450 4WD Long Bed trucks (part No. W287600147). The R4Tech kit is a hybrid air/leaf suspension system designed to replace the factory leaf spring suspension. It delivers an improved ride at all times by using the variable spring rate of the air spring to stiffen when the truck is loaded and soften when unloaded. Featuring Firestone Airide air springs, Ride-Rite air accessories and a SANLUIS Rassini leaf-spring suspension, the R4Tech kit creates a fully functional system that adjusts for varying load capacities. It also improves headlight aim and driveline angles independent of load conditions, and delivers improved towing effectiveness. The complete R4Tech system comes with the Rassini foundation suspension, Airide air springs and an air compressor control system that maintains proper air level in the spring for the exact load that’s being carried.

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