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Ditch Witch Trenchers

The Charles Machine Works Inc. has introduced a new line of Ditch Witch compact walk-behind trenchers. The RT12, RT16, RT20 and RT24 units feature a stacked, in-line hydraulic pump configuration that effectively eliminates vertical shafts and the use of belts and flywheel reduction systems. The units also have fully hydrostatic ground drives with hydraulic, skid-steer-style steering and a solid, adjustable trail wheel that helps keep the unit stable and reduces breakover when loading, unloading, and traveling over curbs and other uneven terrain. Honda 12-, 20- and 24-HP engines power the Ditch Witch RT12, RT20 and RT24, respectively. The RT16 is equipped with a Vanguard Briggs & Stratton engine. Every walk-behind trencher from Ditch Witch comes with a choice of high-flotation tires or a heavy-duty DuraTrak track system.

Seth Skydel

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