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Ditch Witch HD Backreamers

Ditch Witch has released a new line of heavy-duty (HD) backreamers to help underground construction operators improve productivity and tool durability on horizontal directional drilling job sites. New to all model designs, the HD backreamers are now equipped with standard API threads to fit any industry drill under 100,000 pounds.

The new models include the Beavertail HD, Warthog HD, Kodiak HD and Compact Fluted HD backreamers.

For improved fluid flow, the Beavertail HD backreamers are equipped with replaceable, hardened-steel Allen head nozzles. A flow-through shaft and rugged cutting design give this backreamer efficient fluid mixing capability.

Designed to require less torque and reduce drag when back-reaming, the Warthog HD model improves production and flow efficiency around the cutters and reamer body.

To reduce friction and the possibility of jams while drilling, the Kodiak HD backreamer enables cuttings and fluid to flow over the product and out the bore hole by providing optional drilling fluid from the rear of the tool.

Similar to the Kodiak HD design, the Compact Fluted HD backreamer reduces friction and the possibility of jamming by forcing fluid out the swivel plate. The improved heavy-duty casting design provides smooth pushback and maximum durability.

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Kate Wade

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