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CrashFlasher Roadside Emergency Light and Safety Kit

The patent-pending CrashFlasher Roadside Emergency Light and Safety Kit offers increased visibility to passenger vehicles stopped in an emergency. The nearly 5-foot-tall beacon, with its 16 flashing red and white LEDs, warns oncoming drivers up to a half-mile away to slow down and go around. Its height allows it to be seen over intervening vehicles. Engineered in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, CrashFlasher has an ABS base with magnets that adhere to a metal roof, extender poles and lights that are connected via elastic shock cord so there are no loose parts. CrashFlasher requires no tools to assemble and, in an emergency, can go from trunk to roof in less than a minute. Three AAA lithium-ion batteries are included, are good for more than five years in storage and will power the 16 LEDs for 10 hours. Three additional LEDs face up in case the vehicle is in a ditch or snowbank.

Erica Burke

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