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BOLT, LEER Develop Solutions Together

In addition to providing high-quality, durable products for the automotive aftermarket, BOLT and LEER work to develop problem-solving solutions for fleet and commercial operations. These synergies make the union of LEER’s Deluxe Commercial truck caps (DCC) with BOLT’s rugged one-key lock technology an ideal fit. LEER DCCs – which are custom built based on each customer’s specific business requirements – offer a wide range of options, including various door styles, toolboxes, shelves, dividers, roof racks and lighting. All LEER’s tough commercial caps are built to provide strength and security at the job site. Now, with the addition of BOLT cylinders as standard equipment in LEER’s heavy-duty aluminum DCCs, fleet managers and commercial users can take advantage of not only added security, but also BOLT locks’ ability to streamline daily operations. With BOLT locks technology, a single ignition key can be programmed to open any number of BOLT locks.

Erica Burke

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